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The Science of One World Trade Center

  • Learn about Green Technologies and how they solve problems for society  

  • See-through the eyes of the engineers who built the Western Hemisphere’s tallest building 

  • Learn from the developers the lessons learned when designing the new One World Trade Center 

  • Use interactive elements in the pre-visit worksheet to draw visual schematics of a new public space design  

  • Learn about the innovative technology used throughout One World Trade Center and its impact on future developments in New York City 

  • Grasp the significance of science during the construction of One World Trade and its role in inspiring hope and rebirth of Lower Manhattan 




The History of One World Trade Center

  • Immerse your students in the history of the five boroughs of New York City in this educational study guide 

  • Teach your students about historical events and landmarks that have taken place and are located in their own backyards  

  • Engross students in the rich history of immigration through the ports of New York and New Jersey 

  • Take advantage of our post-visit review sheet to engage your students about what they learned on this unforgettable trip 

  • Use interactive elements of the pre-visit worksheet to engage your students while visiting One World Observatory  

  • Learn about the robust Sports and Entertainment offerings of New York City




The Foundations of One World Trade Center

  • Experience testimonials from the dedicated men and women involved in the construction, architecture, and technology of One World Trade Center 

  • Learn about different career opportunities for your students in the world on construction, engineering, technology, and architecture  

  • Use the study guide to educate your students about your visit and reinforce the learning while visiting One World Observatory  

  • Engage in an interactive activity to design your own recruiting event for your new building project 

  • Hear first-hand experiences from the people who brought One World Trade Center to life 

  • Glimpse through the eyes of the iron workers who placed the beams and bolts that scale 1,776 feet high